Yelp connects people to small businesses, and small businesses have a big impact on communities.


Yelp's reputation has suffered in the past 5 years, They're also facing increasing competition from other review services such as Google, TripAdvisor, and Zomato (formerly Urbanspoon).

Yelp needs a strong, positive brand identity and mission more than ever.

 We want to get Yelp back to their roots and re-center them around what they've always done best:
connecting people to the small businesses around them.

New Logo





We repurposed the group "Yelp Elites" to be for active Yelpers who are interested in exploring the communities around them and discovering the newest small businesses. 

On every small business page, we want to add an "About" button, so businesses can tell their stories.




Yelp already has an awesome augmented reality tool within its mobile app called Monocle and we want to improve on it. We want to highlight it on the website and app homepage, and publicize it further through two different out of home stunts.

We would put Yelp Monocle technology on buses in different cities to showcase the AR tool. When a bus drives by a preprogrammed small business the businesses' information would pop up on the screen.

When someone changes their location within the app, indicating that they’re in a new city, a pop up notification will ask if they would like to participate in a scavenger hunt via Monocle for a discount at a local restaurant with 4 stars or more. 


Branded highway exits highlighting small businesses.

Stickers for business owners highlighting favored quotes from customers.


Yelp Venture Festival

Yelp Venture Festivals would be events where new and old businesses can come and get feedback on their products and services.

After customers receive their products they will be encouraged to leave reviews for the business. 




Sponsored posts on Facebook and Twitter promoting small businesses

that are make big impacts in their communities.

Copywriter: Jessica New